Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wendy Froud's Sculptures

Wendy Froud is well known for her gorgeous faerie dolls and statues. I could write her whole biography here, but if you read Domythic Bliss regularly and haven't heard of her before, I'd be shocked. Just watch Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and you'll be viewing the creative genius of her and her husband Brian Froud.

I really enjoy Wendy Froud's faerie dolls. But I really really love her faerie sculptures, perfect for adding mystery to a mythic garden.

First I want to share Terri Windling's sculpture, "The Lady."

Photo taken by Wendy, in her yard, right after the piece was made:

The statue was placed on a plinth just over a little waterfall into a goldfish pond made out of old stabs of granite, all of it rather buried in greenery as the years went on.

Terri says: I should note that the sculpture originally had horns (and was originally titled "The Horned Lady"), but I had a cat named Nora years ago who used to launch herself off the statue's head and up over the wall -- and horns crumbled off after a couple of years of such brutal treatment. Wendy decided she liked the statue without them, so we simply renamed her "The Lady." First she was "The Lady of Weaver's Cottage," now she's "The Lady of Bumblehill."

(above photographs by Alan Lee)

The below example was from the excellent book, The Art of Wendy Froud. Imagine what a showstopper this would also be, hidden in a garden.

A mischievous Green Person tucked among greenery on a garden wall:

I just love the way the statues look worn and aged by nature. So beautiful.

Most of these images were courtesy Terri Windling, from an excellent post on Wendy's garden sculptures, here.


  1. I just caught up on the last week of your posts (I REALLY like this blog Grace!) Anyway, the post about the bell jars - I am now obsessed with polymer clay faery sculptures. To the point where I bought a digital download of a Wendy Froud workshop on how to make them.... I love her work so so much! And the workshop is amazing!!! Some of your other readers might be just as obsessed, the workshop is available here:

  2. Hi Scotiasammyjo! Thanks for the kind words and the workshop suggestion! I'd love to be able to take a workshop with Wendy in person someday, even though I've never done any 3-d sculpting in my life ;)

  3. I love this statue and find it somehow familar. I guess things often live in our dream worlds before we find them in the real one. I love Terri Windling too. Really enjoyed this post.

  4. Thank you Minerva! So glad you enjoyed.