Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Faeries - A Few Introductions Part II

Drake - A little house fairy who smells of rotten eggs and wears a red cap and white tunic. When they fly, they become a will o' wisp with the illusory appearance of a small dragon. They are usually attached to a specific family, and can travel the world doing tasks for them in exchange for their being cared for.

Couldn't find a great Drake picture, but I picture it sort of like these Froud paintings:

Hob - Small household spirit who can live in the house or outdoors in the farmyard. To get rid of a hob, one must give him a new set of clothing (ex: Dobby!)

Lares - Guardian deities of the hearth in Roman religion. They often acted as the intercessors between the more important gods in the pantheon and the household they protected. Statues of the Lares were brought out during meal times and all family events. Quite possible that Lares were an inspiration for many house faerie stories.

Tomte - Scandinavian faerie who would take care of the family and protect them from all trouble. They were especially active at nighttime. Sometimes he is described much like a Domovoi, as an old bearded man. However, sometimes he appears with a single eye, like a cyclops. He was extremely strong, and easily offended. Any changes in the traditional running of the farm or household could upset him. Tomte also had a weakness for gifts of porridge.

From this whole page full of Tomtes for sale: