Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extraordinary Interiors

Tonight's recommended read is Extraordinary Interiors: Decorating with Architectural Salvage and Antiques. If you're looking for a book of practical advice on obtaining budget salvage and antiques, this is not it. If, however, you want jaw-gawping, oooh-inducing prettiness, by all means, check it out.

Please note: sometimes with recommended books, I take photos of some of the pages. The photos are taken with flash, and not good quality. But frankly that's somewhat intentional, because you should have to buy the book to see the picture in all it's loveliness.

I thought the below idea was quite creative and at least somewhat reproduceable. The home owner collected antique pool table pockets with ornamental detailing, and turned them into sconces.

The below house was my favorite in the book. It's the epitome of over-the-top, but with so many beautiful details!!


  1. Wow… I have to buy this book!

  2. I've forwarded the link to this page to my husband-he of the white walls to better show off the wood trim...

  3. Mags, it definitely has some "oooh" factor photos in it!

    April, Bah. White walls can be nice, yes, but oh how many options there are to set off woodwork! Like, say blue? Blue makes woodwork POP. Let me know what your husband says ;)

  4. Oh, must have! Thanks for sharing this...

    ♥ Carolee