Thursday, February 23, 2012

Full Fathoms Five Thy Father Lies

And now for something completely different. My posts have tended toward the woods and wild of faerie. But there's an entire ocean of myth out there as well to dive into for inspiration!!

Someone (I'm so sorry I can't remember who!!) posted this picture to the Domythic Bliss FB group of a beautifully lacy pearl and shell corner:

Of the Little Mermaid (Disney) rooms I've seen, this one is my favorite. Imagine having this room as a little girl:

Or um, you could just have enough money to have an entire aquarium built around your bedroom...

I seem to recall this grotto bathroom was from Neuschwanstein Castle. I could very likely be wrong:

Or you could sleep surrounded by open water. Quite risky for sleepwalkers and groggy mornings:

Or sleep on the half shell:

I found the below image to be more practically inspirational. I love the way they used blue organza for the curtain, mimicking the shimmer of light in the water:

Merle Pace's beautiful underwater bathroom she helped create for a friend: Grapevine on the walls resemble coral and seaweed, and glass fish hang all around.

Mermaid and ocean themes are pretty common for bathrooms, but I thought the soft colors and the pale mermaid statue of this incarnation below made it quite inspiring:

Oops...Mr Octopus is reminding me not to forget our more Jules Vernesque friends:

How about a submarine underwater home theater?

Or this sublimely beautiful dining room? This one also, while extremely gorgeous and elaborate, is inspirational for any room I think. Their use of the dim lighting, the color green instead of blue, and the patterns on the ceiling and walls really give it a different sort of look from the other undersea rooms, and yet entirely oceanic.


  1. Oh, I have the octopus arm sculpture in orange. It is the coolest thing ever!

  2. fantastic post! i love the first room, love the jules verne anything! wow, that dining room is so lush-victorian more is more! every interpretation is so great to see(sea?). i have to admit that the bed surrounded by the pool(the water) does make me so nervous-i feel like i would fall in and it reminds me being on nonstop swim teams. thanks for adding my images and thanks for letting me go on and on(and on and on) about the all the wonder of that house-my friend and i miss it so much! p.s. she has a new place and is starting over again. watch out for some new amazement!

  3. wait, karenleigh! you have the octopus arm in orange! photos please! grace! make her show us! and, again, i love your gorgeous header-love the photo you took!

  4. KarenLeigh, where do you have it hanging?

    Merle, isn't it great? Except yeah, that bed in the pool room Eeek!

    Thanks Angela and Erin!