Monday, February 13, 2012

The Green Man - A Verdant Post II

And onward we go, into our examples of Domythic decorators and their use of the Green Man in their homes!

Stephanie welcomes her guests in the proper style with her Green Man hanging on her front door.

The front door itself is pretty lovely too with its stained glass windows.

Artist and reenactor Christopher Bell has a lovely collection of Green Men in his home.

An example of one of the many Green Men he has created:

Ali English has made a couple of Green Man masks herself to display around her home. Lovely!

Finally for tonight, I strongly encourage you click the image to get a closer view of Briony Whistlecraft's amazing "Green Person" wall (she has Green Men and Green Women) The artwork and several Green Men are by Julien Hatswell. Other masks are by David Lawrence and Wendy Froud.


  1. LOVE the mushroom stool! And everything else too!

  2. @Christopher Bell-let alone the clay pipes and I LOVE the Froud print! I've lusted after that particular damsel for awhile now. Someday, someday...

  3. Lovely to see my Green people amongst such fabulous company. Thank you!

  4. I absolutely love these Green Man posts. Green Men are a favorite of mine, and they come in such diverse shapes, sizes, and moods. I particularly like the candlelit photo with the clay pipes & quills.