Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Ahead

Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tonight! Try to remember the hour of light we gain, instead of the hour of sleep you lose.

In honor of the event, we celebrate the timeface.

If we're talking about mythic clocks, the first one to come to my mind is definitely the Corpus Clock. This phenomenal piece of art is a fairy tale come to life.

There's also the gorgeous Medieval Astronomical Clock in Prague. Quite a fairy tale as well.

Picture by Mariel.
Picture from Wikipedia.

A few goodies from Etsy to celebrate the event. A gorgeous necklace from The Fable Tribe.

A gorgeous grandfather clock. Tom and I are searching regularly for a good deal on a grandfather clock on our local Craigslist. There's nothing like the deep "gong" of the chime.

And a beautiful Mission-style mantle clock featuring crows and a tree silhouette.


  1. Lovely ! My friend Rima makes some beautiful fairytale clocks

  2. Oh dear...Rima, of course! I can't believe I neglected to include hers in this posting! (facepalm)

  3. I'm posting a link to this on fb. I've got alot of friends who would appreciate this post. Both the science and the beauty.