Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Domythic Place to Get Away...

You know, I think some of the most Domythic interiors I've ever seen are from hotels and inns. It seems like the places we want to go on vacations to get away can be more fantastical and exotic, and in turn, the spaces are ever-so inspiring. There are many many inspirational hotels and inns out there, but I thought I'd just start with a few of my favorites...

Land's End Inn - Recently brought to my attention by Jen Parrish, I can think of no other inn that has made my jaw gape quite like this one. Every room is full of inspiration...every view, every item. I especially love how in many of the rooms, the style is Domythic, and there are details everywhere you turn, but the overall feel of the space isn't oppressive or cluttered, but airy and free.

Figueroa Hotel - Also brought to my attention by Jen Parrish a while ago. This hotel in California seems like a space out of time.

Kennedy School
- I cannot recall who first told me about this converted elementary school hotel in Portland, Oregon, but I would love to at least visit there. Of course they serve their own brewed ales, and there's a beautiful outdoor tiled saltwater pool. The rooms are somewhat plain, but some of them still have their original chalkboards.

Landoll's Mohican Castle - I had to sneak this local treasure in. Located just an hour away from our house, this secluded castle in the middle of a state park is absolutely incredible. The space is divided up into suites, and each suite has its own personality (some have towers, others have entrances tucked into corners, etc).

Above two images c. Virginia Wilson Photography

This is the room where we stayed when we visited.

What are some of your favorite hotels and inns for Domythic style?


  1. Grace!! I'm catching up on all the DB posts I missed a while back and I'm so happy I found this one! That castle is amazing... and in Ohio!? I am absolutely going to have to visit when I get up there!!!!