Friday, November 25, 2016

Small Mythic Business Saturday

A few years ago I did a blog post called Black Friday Done a Verdant and Mythic Green, recommending small businesses and artists to support during this holiday season instead of supporting big box stores. Most of the businesses I featured are still in business, creating incredible works of original magic. I recommend you read both this new post and the original post when deciding on gifts this holiday.


The Changeling's Closet: Original art, photography, and adornments by Liselotte Eriksson.

Imago Photography: Kimberly Tabor does beautiful landscape, animal, and personal photography.

Mythic Art by Alexandra Dawe: Original watercolour and pencil art inspired by myth, folklore and faerytales.

Enchanted Oaks: Gorgeous fine-art sculpted dolls and figurines by Rachel Oakes. 

Midsummers Night Masquerade: Handcrafted Fantasy items for the whimsical at heart. 

Ironwood Wolves: Have you ever wanted to meet or take photos with a wolf or fox? Ironwood is an educational facility that offers such services, along with photograph prints of their stunning animals taken by photographer Rachel Lauren.

Personal Adornments

Minou Bazaar: Indian and Global inspired handmade jewelry by Meenoo Mishra.

Ashes of Roses Designs: Jewelry and other personal items by Brittany Warman.

Elemental Heart Jewelry and Art: Beautiful original pieces!

Faeryspell Creations: Costumes, fashion, and jewelry from Jennifer Mata.

Silvan Arts: Unique Artisan Crafted Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry by Anne Marie Bottcher.

Titania's Tea Party: Jewelry inspired by folklore, fairytales, nature and history. 

Lady Gigglemug: Victorian fairytale treasures.

Lumina Noctis: The finest handmade perfumes, botanicals, and art.


Priestess & Hierophant Press: Publishers of speculative works.

Carterhaugh School of Folklore & The Fantastic: Looking for something to trigger inspiration and imagination during the cold and dreary early months of next year? Sign up for folklorists Brittany Warman and Sara Cleto's full course on the fairy tale.