Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, Done a Verdant and Mythic Green

I have a confession to make: I was raised on Black Friday tradition.  When I was a little girl, we would get bundled up in our warmest jackets with blankets and thermoses of hot cocoa, and would sit in line at Value City for their opening on the morning after Thanksgiving.  But here's the thing: in those days, it was actually worth it.  As you entered the store, you would get free ball caps, free earrings, free raffle giveaways every hour. 

Now, I don't want to get into a huge debate about big stores vs. little stores.  But I do know that there are quite a few incredibly talented people out there in the Mythic Arts community who would be happy to make you a one-of-a-kind item for a Christmas gift, or sell you an incredible print of an artwork, the proceeds of which you can know will directly affect and support the artist you pay.  Spending $5 or $10 on a beautiful print or a pair of earrings hand crafted by the artist instead of a cup of coffee or a large bag of popcorn and a movie ticket will not only support them financially, but send them the message that you believe in what they are doing.

So.  With that in mind,  here is a little list of some Black Friday artists and crafters you can support who may not be able to afford big sleek ads in your newspaper or doorbuster sales, but their work would look stunning wrapped and placed under a tree.

Artisan Crafts

Mythical Designs by Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC is an incredibly talented company under artists Shane and Leah Odom.  They are best known for their incredible leatherwork masks and headpieces, but also offer original art, prints, and cards.  These artists are constantly stretching their imaginations, and who knows what they will offer next.

A beautiful Yule mask
The Holly and the Ivy, on the workbench after being painted

Charmed Crafts by D Sharp is an Etsy shop offering jewelry and other items for magical living and ritual.

Wire-wrapped acorn earrings

 King of Mice Studios is the creative outlet of artist Carolee Clark, a full-time Halloween and fantasy artist.  Not only does she sell prints of her work, but she also creates original painted wood and other material items for the home. 

Artemis Jane and Pandora Jane are two Etsy stores run by the amazing Diane Heyne.  Pandora Jane features organic miniatures and faerie objects.  Artemis Jane features assemblage art and vintage collages.

I yearn for one of these lovelies

Kaiser Wrought Iron.  Yes.  Oh so droolworthy.  I've already talked about my for wrought iron.  And this is wrought iron done oh so well.

Eldrum Emporium is Ali English' Etsy.  She creates beautiful painted and stenciled furniture and home goods pieces, as well as makes gorgeous jewelry (I love my piece of hers I own!!)


Terri Windling, hot off the presses, has new beautiful prints available in her Etsy store!  Or if you've been really really good, perhaps Santa will bring you an original.

Blue Moon Atelier is the home of artist Mary Layton, offering prints, ACEOs, jewelry, and cards. 

Swan Bones Theater.  I am obsessed with this woman's art, especially her Foxgloves print, which will someday be mine, I vow.

Meredith Dillman has beautiful fantasy and Green Man art prints in her store.  I especially love her Green Man!!

Personal Adornments

Jenny Davies Reazor offers incredible ceramic jewelry in her Etsy shop.  I met her at Faeriecon and we felt an instant kinship.  She also offers beautiful objects for the home, as photographed below.

Silverandmoor is a Devon-based jewelry artist whose creations are incredibly original, organic, and mythic.

Leigh Perry offers hand crafted and beaded jewelry in a variety of styles.

The Copper Camel sells beautiful and mysterious jewelry.

Ashes of Roses Designs sells fairy tale jewelry.

Woodland Wild is Bryony Whistlecraft's Etsy store.  Bryony is best known for her "Elflocks" faerie dreadlocks, but she also knits beautiful items that are perfect for holiday gifts.

Sihaya Designs is a wonderful source for gorgeous ethereal and organic jewelry hand made by Christina Allen Page.  She's going to have a big Yule update going live on Cyber Monday too, so don't miss it!!!


Papaveria Press is a "micro-press" company that supports the work of incredibly talented Mythic writers.  Every piece of storytelling created by this company is imbued with a love for imagination.

Imaginosis is a small publishing company that sells wonderful and vivid books all about mythic artists.

Faerie Magazine.  Okay, I'm biased here as I just started working as an editor for the magazine, but it really is an operation of love from everyone involved.  Give a yearly subscription of four issues.


  1. What a fantastic idea, I think I might just nick this and do the UK version.

  2. Ooh, thanks for reminding me that I need to finish my annual "Shop Local" post, too!

    I love these shops, and have just added several to my list of new favorites. :D

  3. What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for featuring my work, and thanks also for the other links - I think I just discovered a few new "must-haves"! ♥ Carolee

  4. I have to comment with my friend Chris's shop, Sihaya Designs. Check out her mythically inspired jewelry, including fairie wings. I know her winter update should be arriving by the beginning of next week.

  5. I kind of want one of everything . . . :P

  6. Charlotte, please do!! The more the merrier.

    Melissa, if you do, please share a link.

    Carolee, happy to!

    Amy, I was happy to add Sihaya!

    Shveta, the hardest thing about doing this post was resisting the urge to BUY IT ALL.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks for posting these (and thanks to MaryAnn Harris for sharing on Facebook)! I'm going to have to definitely check some of these out!

  9. Thank you so much for featuring Sihaya Designs, Grace! Another good one for this list is Parrish Relics!

  10. If you like Swanbones, you should also look at Lolley's Curiosties ( since they've got the same sort of dark fairytale feel. I think she must have been influenced by the book The Owl Service, because she's had a lot of pieces that are owls made of flowers in her store in the past.
    What do you do for Faerie magazine? I know you said in an earlier post, but I've forgotten.

  11. Suzi, I'm really glad you appreciated it! :)

    Christina, I'm happy to share your wonderful jewelry! I can't believe I overlooked Jen! I'll have to add her.

    Amiller, how wonderful!!! I love everything I see of hers at first glance. At Faerie Magazine I'm working on editing...suggesting and selecting articles for inclusion. Also in the next issue, I have two articles from this blog that will appear in a slightly different form in the magazine. :)

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