Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let them know you know they're there...

I'm a little under the weather today, and am postponing the next Global post. Instead, I thought I'd share a quote I enjoyed from the book I'm reading right now, Faery Tale: One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World, by Signe Pike.

"Coleen explained that making gestures of friendship is very important in the faery kingdom. Buying something like a faery house, for example, would be a good way to let them know you know they're there. Putting honey out, creating a little space for them in each room, talking to them, buying them shiny things--these were all good ways to open the lines of communication."
-pg 45

I appreciated Signe's way of summing up the commonality between many traditional forms of faerie house welcomes: letting them know you know they are there. If we see this as the overall goal, it becomes much easier to improvise the way we greet the faeries of our homes depending on our circumstances, locations, and what we may have access to.

Signe follows this quote with a delightful chapter (pg 49-61) telling the story of five days she spent in her New York City apartment trying to invite and welcome the faeries into her home. I haven't finished her book yet, but thus far I am finding it quite delightful, and highly recommended.

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