Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kidtropolis' Unabashedly Sweet Faerieland

The first picture below has circulated around some of my favorite Tumblr pages. Thank heavens for the new Google reverse image search...I was able to find the people responsible for this stunning child's room. Kidtropolis, an interior design company specializing in childrens' rooms, created every detail of this amazing space. Do click the link for many more pictures.

I so admire the dutch door with the smaller fairy door at the bottom (for a pet, I suspect?)

Fairy houses connect the shelves:

Romantic curtains:

Love the mushrooms!

Even the ensuite bathroom has been bedecked!

I have not forgotten about our Global Domythic series. A bout with winter sickness has left me unable to do the research on the remaining posts as quickly as I'd like. Allow me a few breaks for lovelies, like the above post.