Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Signatures of Domythic Living: Day 2, Wrought Iron

The second post on the staples of Domythic decorating features a collectible near and dear to my heart: wrought iron. I've been a sucker for anything wrought iron since...well, as long as I can remember. It's a favorite staple of mine not only because I just think it's lovely, but also because it's so very easy to find! It's more surprising to see a home dec store without wrought iron! My favorite shop in town is Hobby Lobby, and they have it in abundance.

I've already shared this piece on the Domythic Bliss Facebook group, but I just love this over-the-door iron lattice for greenery. Someday!!!

Strap hinges are about the easiest way to add romantic gothic detailing to a door. They may not be the cheapest item, but boy do they make a big statement!! I love this piece from Tudor Artisans.

Here's another one from Amazon for a lot less, but it's non-functional/ornamental only.

Gorgeous fireplace accessories from Earth Eagle Forge.

Just beautiful, isn't it?


A couple of wrought iron pieces from my own house!

Once again, Craigslist is a great place to search for wrought iron, as is Ebay. Just a tip though...try searching also under the often used misspelling..."Rod" iron as well. It's a common enough error that you can sometimes find items no one else has found yet.


  1. I've never heard of over the door style lattices! Such a perfect solution, and I think I need to acquire some of those. Thank you! :)

  2. Okay, that stair rail... MUST HAVE. Wow.

  3. Melissa, wouldn't they add the perfect touch?? Let me know if you find any less expensive ones.

    Rebecca, it's definitely a WOW piece :D

  4. I dont know about other countries, but its my understanding that blacksmiths-the folks who do this beautiful work-are having an increasingly more difficult time finding forged steel to work with, as it is no longer being made in the US. Soooo, if there are artists of the forge in your neck of the woods, and you maybe want them to do some work for you, try looking through junk shops, reclamation shops, dumps etc, for forged iron scrap. AFTER that is, you learn what to look for. Having materials to trade-or to use in making your order-is bound to help bring the price down.

  5. Okay, I messed up-its WROUGHT IRON that is no longer being made commercially. This is what blackedsmiths work with to make forged pieces-also known as wrought iron, though it's been forge worked. Anyway, good place for wrought iron/steel scrap is your local salvage yard. Just take some nice strong types with you, because you want the steel springs from cars made before 1965. Some older cars also contain forged parts-google it to make sure you dont end up pulling cast iron by mistake.