Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swedish Artist, Swedish Movie

I was recently, as in just a couple of months ago, introduced to the art of Carl Larsson, a Swedish painter and interior designer who lived from 185-1919. I love his art because it is both very fairy tale-esque and narrative, and also a wonderful example of interior decor. The style of the decor is very mythic, but also very different than anything I normally do in my own decorating. It's quite inspiring!

Larsson's home, Little Hyttnäs, was the basis for many of his artworks, and is still open as a tourist destination.

Unsurprisingly, these interiors remind me somewhat of those from a favorite movie of mine, Fanny & Alexander, a glorious 6-hour masterpiece of Swedish film, with the most gorgeous Domythic eye candy throughout it. Let me tell you...the story is supernatural and beautiful, but it's very much worth watching just for the interior decoration as well!


  1. I saw Carl Larsson's house used for a fashion shoot recently and fell a bit in love with it. The murals are especially beautiful...

  2. Oooh I'd love to see the murals!