Monday, January 23, 2012

Signatures of Domythic Living: Day 1, Stained Glass

This week I thought it might be fun to do a series of seven posts on some of the decorating backbones of the Domythic style. The items featured this week will help make any abode seem more enchanted and fairy tale. Not all Domythic homes may include them all, some may include none of them, but each is guaranteed to enhance your home.

Today, we start with...stained glass. I have very little of it in my house, but I do have some and I love what I have.

We'll start out high-end, and talk our way to the least expensive way to get a touch of this style.

Etsy seller Glass By Olimpia has a beautiful set of Mucha's four seasons done in stained glass. They are works of art and not cheap, but also not cheaply done.

Etsy seller Aligama8 has beautiful faeries with stained glass wings for sale.

And I consider Century Studios to be the absolute masters of modern stained glass artistry. I don't check their blog often, but when I do, I catch up on the gorgeousness they create. Their pricing is entirely unknown to me...I've never had the courage to ask. But I sure admire their abilities!!

If you really want traditional stained glass panels to hang in a window or secure in a windowsill, I also strongly suggest checking your local Craigslist listings on a regular basis. My local Craigslist will regularly get in quite lovely pieces, such as these two coordinating panels that are for sale right now. Since stained glass is heavy and difficult to ship, I find Craigslist to be a better place to look than say Ebay.

And finally, if you want the look of stained glass at just about the cheapest price you can possibly get, try stained glass window film. Artscape makes several designs available at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Each panel is about poster-size, and costs $20. Installation is really not that difficult (I thought it was rather fun!) and it's a great way to tastefully block a window where curtains just won't cut it. (over a sink, in a stairwell, etc)

So how about you? What are some of your favorite stained glass resources?


  1. I love the stained glass panels by Tamsin Abbot

    I've not seen Century Studios before and now I have a bad case of the WANTS!

  2. oh, and i wanted to tell you that i LOVE the photograph you took for the banner at the top! i love how you arranged each little piece in the photograph and the font you chose as well-perfect! i also love how you set up this whole blog-i want to live here!

  3. Thank you Merle! I had fun figuring out a "still life" of items from around the house that would represent my "mythic signature" so to speak :D I want to live in this blog too!! Let's go! :D

  4. Another place to get one of a kind stained glass, and support local artists, is at local craft/art shows. Prices will vary, but its certainly one option. Also, to help keep the price down, look for framed stain glass panels that you can hang in your windows. Just as lovely, and not nearly as expensive as having one installed, a large expense all by itself.

  5. Thanks for the tip! So true...I've been searching for a window of our house that would compliment a stained glass panel. :)