Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Images from Penelope

Penelope is one of my favorite that I feel walks the boundary between sweetness and sentimentality. And I just adore her room. If I had a room like this, I'd never want to leave.

She has a tree. In her room. It's red. I love it.

And did I mention the swing? And the arts and crafts corner filled with things to create with, all bottled in old bottles and jars to look apothecary-esque? And a canary on a gorgeous little gothic table?

And black silhouettes of butterflies or birds on the gorgeous green walls....

And cloches and bell jars. Lots and lots of huge ones, all on their own stands, with little miniature trees and scenes inside.

Now may be a time to mention that I'm all for the cloches and bell jars trend in decorating right now. They're just so artistic, and you can go in so many directions with them. Old medical bottles and wires inside a cloche can look steampunk, trees and moss and wings tucked inside can look faerie... This is definitely an example of the latter.

Lots and lots of cloches.

Who wouldn't want to create in this environment?

I think my favorite thing in the entire bedroom is her bedroom "window" blinds, which take her from day to night without showing her a real outside view by utilizing transparencies.

What is your favorite movie set for inspiration?


  1. First off, Hi there! I found my way here from a FB post.
    Penelope is one my very favorite films. I once blogged that it is my go-to film when my creativity needs reviving. Production designer Amanda McArthur did a fabulous job, with the color palette especially. I agree that the film is sweet and sentimental, successfully so. (The houses in Nanny McPhee 1 and Stuart Little 1 are also faves of my mine, so you see I am not afraid of sentimentality, or chartreuse.) Anyways, I am happy to have come across your enchanted decorating blog.

  2. Ooh, that looks lovely. I've not seen the film *goes to add it to the rent list*

    My favourites are definitely Bag End in LOTR, and the Harry Potter sets. I can't watch the films now without noticing all the nice lamps, cupboards and other things! There is a particularly nice cupboard in Harry Potter that pops everywhere.
    I was quite amused to notice that the cutlery we have at home is the same used in the Hogwarts school though!

  3. Jane, I wholeheartedly agree about the colors of the film. I've seen Nanny McPhee and Stuart Little, but its been so long, I need to see them again! And there's nothing wrong with sentimentality. And chartreuse. ;)

    Bryony, Bag End is the *ultimate*, isn't it?? How fun that you have the same silverware! I enjoy looking at the decor in Harry Potter, but whenever a scene is set in the Gryffindor common room, I can't stop looking at the Unicorn Tapestries on all the walls ;)

  4. Oh the Gryffindor common room, I could definitely see myself living there. But yes, Bag End is the ultimate in cozy to me. One day, money permitting, we've plans to build our own house and Bag End is our main inspiration!

  5. Hmm, LOTR-Bag End and the elven community as well, Hogwarts and Ron's home-such cool broken and spider-web mended doors and window glass! and the wonderful house from Practical Magic. I was almost sick when I found out it was a set, built then torn down.