Monday, March 4, 2013

Mythic March Monday Makings

So we've reached the first Monday of Mythic March, and I thought perhaps Mondays, the first day of the week after we've hopefully had weekend time to work on projects, would be a good time to check up each week on how we're doing on our projects.

Okay, me first.

I've failed.

Yeah.  So we're four days into the month already, and I have to confess to you guys, I'm just not feeling the author spirit.  The grand reopening of the library where I work was yesterday, sneak preview day was Friday, and by the time both of those events were over, I was drained dryer and more tender than a used dishrag.  The idea of starting a short story or novel just was put by the wayside every night, and I felt increasingly guilty for not being creative when I was the one who had led the battle charge toward the idea of Mythic March just a few days ago.

But beyond that, I was also feeling very emotional and mildly mopey, and couldn't quite put a finger on why.

Until late last night, I opened up a new app on my iPad for digital painting and doodled out the above first digital painting I've ever attempted and in ways it rather about an hour.

I felt so much better afterward...not quite as guilty for not starting on my story, but beyond that I felt invigorated and renewed by the actual act of creation.  I know not everyone feels this almost addictive need to engage in the act of creation in order to feel renewed and joyful, but I'm sure some of you out there at least can relate. 

And then I realized...this is another reason why Mythic March is so important.  Not only because those people out there who have never, or rarely, attempted an artistic endeavor need to see firsthand that their voices are important, but also so that those of us who might be, in some ways, intrinsically artistically minded people who who have lost our way can be reminded of just how we can benefit from the act of creation. 

I saw this on a microcosmic scale when my mood plummeted after a few days of not creating, and then lifted significantly after just doing a simple doodle painting on my iPad.  Imagine what an hour or less of creating could do for you!

So that's my less-than-aesthetically stellar update: what have you been up to?  What are you creating?  Please feel free to post links to your progress from Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or any other site you prefer.  And I will be linking this blog post to a thread on Facebook as well.


  1. I've been designing some doors for a customer, with "Windling Trees" as my inspiration, I'll post sketches next Monday!

  2. Well, I've actually been writing -- admittedly not as much as I had hoped, since "real life" keeps interrupting me -- but I have finished about 6,000 words of a fantasy tale. Trouble is, I can't always put into words the visions my mind creates. Bu I'll keep trying...

  3. That's actually a very encouraging post Grace. Getting started is often one of the hardest parts. Knowing there are other people struggling with similar issues, on the exact same days and times as you, can make you feel less alone and more able. (Hence one of the reasons NaNo is such a fantastic thing and Mythic March is worth getting involved with.:)

    Hm, let's see: I'm not working on anything that can be measured in the same way a novel can BUT I have a few things in motion specifically being "encouraged" (ie. gently kicked in the rear) by participating in Mythic March. :)

    My main focus is making a 'development book' for a film I want to see get made, with the idea that it will be useful when I pitch it to the right people. It will be very visual as well as having written material. So far I'm close to having the actual book prepped - the cover collage is mostly done and the interior pages are halfway prepped for writing, art and collage.

    I figure the weekends will (continue to) be my least productive times due to little feet and family but that's OK, as long as I don't stop altogether. :)

    Good luck everyone and keep at it - every word written and every line drawn is something that exists now that didn't before, because you made it so. :)

  4. Grace I completely relate with you in this post - I sometimes feel very unmotivated to create - but when I do I always find myself invigorated. Also I often feel the "mildly mopey" feeling - (my family calls it "feeling mooey") - and as well as creating I find it helps to have some chocolate and to snuggle up with a lovely book (and a purry cat). :)

    I like your artwork! :D

    So - what have I created so far in Mythic March? Well I've been doing quite a bit of sketching - drawing "The Fool" from Robin Hobb's book as well as some fairytale sketches. Even when I was in my lecture today I was sketching and doodling (I feel no shame as the lecturer was talking about things I already know... :P )

    I've also done a blogpost on Autumn, and written some short pieces about some of my synaesthetic story-visions I get when I listen to music. When they are more developed I will perhaps write them up better and post them...

    I also have been continuing with my creating "self-artworks" - where what I wear, my clothes and my wreaths/headdresses and my hair - become a walking work of art that expresses how I see myself...

    I hope to do a lot more this month though - some watercolour paintings for a start...

  5. I wrote as I always do. This no boast (as my meagre list of publishing credits will testify!) but a statement of fact.

    I do know how you feel, however and it is only by the rigid application of iron-clad discipline that I manage to write come what may.

    However, if you haven't read it already, you may find Terri Windling's post this morning of no small inspirational value:

    Bright blessings,


  6. I'm sort of collaborating with a few artists. They have sent me artworks that I will use as inspiration to write and create videos from. My main theme is Marie Antoinette/with a mythic spin. Just posted the first image from Lucy Stephens to my facebook page:!/InByTheEye - I'm really excited to sort be diving off the deep end, not really knowing what I'm getting from the artists and seeing what it inspires in me. My goal is to have three videos done by the end of the month. This kind of work certainly keeps me on my toes while working on larger films too! :)

  7. Thank you for this post, Grace.

  8. I like your painting. As a total non artistic I have just been dabbling at my art, which is bringing new life to forgotten bits of furniture and paper. I found an old oak side table and have sanded and painted it, and am currently working on a 1950s kitchen cupboard. Even though it is not a real creative ffort I still feel a new lifeforce while doing this kind of work. Minerva ~

  9. Okay, up to 10,000 words on the story now...