Monday, March 18, 2013

Mythic March Monday Makings III

Today I thought it'd be fun to show you some of the things people have been creating so far for Mythic March.  Because omg, *pretty*

Ali English has been doing multiple and writing.  Here are a couple of of her results, more at her blog post.

Once, garbed in hope and youthful dreams,
naïve in velvet and silk, and lace at my cuffs,
I dared your forests, the rose and bramble that
barred my path, walled you in, or so I thought.
I did my fools dance to twig snap and birdsong,
moon struck, moon guided,
my once vaunted finery torn, as I slowly
became woods creature adorned with blood and sap,
time and the weary miles already travelled,
the colours that marked me a stranger in a strange land
left on tree branches and thorns,
bargained away to the witch in her cave,
or given to the stranger by the wayside,
and I have pitched gladly down rabbit holes,
chased ravens, and
sung with blackbirds, wild and crazy.
My velvets have become moss and myth, treeish,
and I’m slowly speaking the language of plants,
reading spells in the owl’s flight, and
I’m starting to understand the passage of time,
here, on my own.

These lessons have I learned -
how to see the jewel in a toad’s eye, and
leap with the salmon.
How to dance with foxes and sing their song while
still hearing my own.
The taste of tears like rain in all its seasons,
and callouses on my hands and feet.
The mark of corvids by my eyes,
gained by long weeks of scouring these woods for you.
And when, at long last, I
arrived at your sleeping palace, no longer a prince, but instead
huntsman, seer, wizard,
those arched, mythic gates opened wide, and
you greeted me – wide awake, sunrise in your eyes – and said
‘At last, here is a fit mate
for the Queen of the Perilous Wood.’
And I realised that you were never asleep at all, never lost,
never in need of rescue.
It was always I.

-Ali English

Gypsy Thornton has been trying to do an artwork a day, and has shared a couple of gorgeous examples:

Lisa Stock, my original partner-in-crime for the idea of Mythic March, has been collecting original artworks from various artists and using them as a starting point for short films. 

Annie Walker has been inspired musically, and the results can be heard in her SoundCloud.  She is adding to the cloud as she creates new compositions.

David Shane Odom shared pictures of the Odom family tapping their maple trees, and asked if this counted.  I say absolutely.

Jenny Davies-Reazor is working on designing new pendants:

Grace of Silver Swan has been painting spring flowers and is still working on a gorgeous mythic tree:

And I...well my next goal is to finish the last two princess sketches for my dining room walls, but I didn't quite get that done this week.  I DID have Tom take a reference shot for the final princess though!

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