Thursday, March 14, 2013

Your Home's Hidden Collections

A few weeks ago, I read a little fun blog post posted by Broadway and Thresher in which he asked the question "what are the hidden collections in your home?"  I t hought this was an excellent question.  All of us have things we collect...for me it's obvious that my home has many Pre-Raphaelite artworks, and no small number of Windling Trees.  But what about the collections that develop without our even noticing it?

Since I'm so house obsessed, I was stumped on what a "secret collection" of mine might be.  Finally this morning as I sat in my living room and looked around, I realized "boy I sure do have an awful lot of patterns in here, don't I?"

I thought it would be fun to walk through the house and catalog some of these patterns, to see how they all combine and blend together.  Here's the result...the quilt of my home.

So what are some of the hidden collections of your home?


  1. Looking at this made me think you would love this new series

    I hope it becomes available to you in the US. I studied the PRB for my dissertation and have found this series one of the better ones on the brotherhood.

  2. Hi that a new documentary? I think I've seen about all of the old ones. Sadly the bbc player doesn't work in the US. I so wish it did!

    Do you know about my other blog, The Beautiful Necessity?

  3. There are lunar hares in one bathroom, mermaids in the other. Antique cameras ( Husband's) in the living room. A small collection of teacups and also S+ P sets in the dining room. The latter 2 are accidental collections - family off casts, Grandmother's pieces, and myth-y themes... tea leaf reading tea cup, mermaid S+P....

  4. Your 'quilt' of your home patterns are really lovely! That's got me thinking how many patterns I have too! I have a friend who won't have any patterns in their house and I'd hate to live like that wouldn't you? I'd like to put all mine together like this, it would make an interesting picture!xx

  5. I realised that everywhere I go, I buy magnets. Anything magnetic. How weird is that?