Friday, March 1, 2013

Mythic March Begins

Forest Sleep by Swanbones

Welcome to Mythic March.  Did you think I had forgotten?  I definitely have not.

The goal of this month is to CREATE.  Originally inspired by National Novel Writing Month, an event that encourages people to write the novel they always meant to every November, my friend Lisa Stock and I decided to try doing something similar in March, only with a twist. 

My goal will be to write 30,000 words, and I might make that goal or I might not.  But the point is, I'm going to try to CREATE this month...consciously set aside time each day to engage in the act of creation.  And beyond that, my goal is to create in the genre of myth and celebrate the community of Mythic Arts we so adore.

Because yes, we all enjoy/adore/idolize the works of the Frouds, Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Terri Windling, Alan list could go on for paragraphs.  But we all have something to share.  The very act of creation is magic...gathering together materials or immaterial thoughts and transforming them into something new and unexpected. 

The Alchemist by Rima Staines

Even a simple act, like pressing fingers into clay or cutting out images to combine them into a collage, can invigorate our lives and those around us.  Like a random act of kindness, a random act of creation can cause ripples of response in the world around us, making us see the world through keener eyes, and pass on this way of seeing to others.

So please, join me.  Put pen to paper.   Put keys to keyboards.  Put charcoal to paper, put needle to fabric.  Press your hand and your heart to bring two or more objects together in a random act of imagination. 

If your words stumble, or your picture doesn't live up to your mind's eye, don't give up.  Remember that creation is a journey, and like any journey the actual destination makes up a very small part of the process.

I'll be here.  We'll all be in this together.  And I want to know all about what you're doing.  I'll check in from time to time, and I'd love to see and hear you share what you are doing as well.

Virginia Lee


  1. This month is create month for me whether I like it or not, since my senior show is on the 29th and I have to finish a series of paintings for it. Maybe since I'll be frantically working away at it I'll pretend it's for Mythic March and post up pictures.

  2. Hurrah! Its March! You know I will be joining you on this journey. May the Muse accompany us all.

  3. YES!!! I started my writing at 7:00 AM today -- would you prefer sharing as we go, or wait and share the final production?

  4. Ahhh, this is perfect timing! I just got caught up this weekend on the blogs I follow, including this one. It just so happens that I recently committed to write and/or draw every day for at least an hour, and (with the exception of a couple day where I was either away from home all day, or entertaining) I have been very consistent and productive on this front. Most of the creative work I've been doing lately revolves around a fairytale-based book/music project I have in the works. How exciting to see that others in the mythic blogosphere have caught the same bug this month. :)