Monday, April 2, 2012

Lookiloo at this House

Thanks to a new addiction website/blog of mine, Hooked on Houses, I discovered what I think will be *another* new addiction website/blog...Lookiloos, made for all of us who love to peep at other people's houses.

While looking through Lookiloos, I came across several lovelies, but so far this one is definitely my favorite, and solidly wins the award for most Domythic thus far.

I just love it when people who very clearly have more money than I do use it in ways that I can very very enthusiastically get behind.

I mean, look at her tasteful use of antique stained glass panels! And the quatrefoil iron bannister!

Look at the gorgeous kitchen with iron grillwork on the cabinets. Look at the Moroccan lanterns above the table. Look at the gorgeous tilework. And wait...who's that peeking out from behind the fridge?

Only a pocket door painted with Rossetti's Proserpine. Yeah, these aren't my kind of people at all.
I could just faint from the lovely here. I mean...
I would have never paired this bright a blue with the classic art in this room, but you know, I think it really works. Don't get me started on that gothic wall mirror. <3

Win in this picture: The lovely color combos. The beautiful end stand. And oh yeah, I almost forgot...the stunning bust.

I believe this fireplace is located on their patio or deck indoor/outdoor space area? Anyway, wow...tile, bust with greenery, more iron, more Moroccan lanterns...

My only lament is that there aren't even *more* pictures. What about bedrooms? More shots of the bathrooms? If you click the link and look through the slideshow (which apparently won't play for me in Firefox, but will in IE), you can see that this is a rather modern open-concept floorplan, which I normally wouldn't associate with such classical style as this. But I think somehow they make it work even with the modern build.

Now if only I could raid their attic for decorating my own house...


  1. Love it! And this is exactly the kind of blog post I need, so I can show my husband. He still swears that the only way to show off wood trim in a house is to have stark white walls-a battle I've been fighting for nearly 30 years...

  2. Oh goodness! That's far from the truth...and I think one of the most flattering colors for woodwork is a shade of blue, like they have pops of in this house. I hope you can convince him!! :)