Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Save Faerie Cottage

Thanks to Jodie Frasier for posting the link to the Save Francesca's Faerie Cottage blog. I had heard only a short summary of the well-known teen author, Francesca Lia Block, and her struggles to save her home from possible foreclosure due to mistakes and irresponsible action on the part of Bank of America, her mortgage company. This blog goes into much more detail including a timeline of what Francesca has been through, and a link to a petition to sign to try to get the attention of the bank to give her the assistance she should be receiving.

Francesca's home is called the Faerie Cottage, and in her letter on the blog, she writes:

I have been in the Faerie Cottage for almost five years. Here is where you have come to share cupcakes and read your stories and laugh and cry. Here is where my children play and snuggle and sing and where my dog barks at you one second and the next is kissing your face. Here is a mermaid bathroom, an apricot tree with tiny pink blossoms, a pond with purple flowers, a jacaranda that I planted, roses tall as a man in spring, a pot of mung beans and rice on the stove, my father’s paintings, my mother’s books, lots of little goddess statues and other charms from you, my friends and readers. My kids can walk to their school, which is great since my ability to drive is getting more and more uncertain (due to the loss of most of the vision in one eye due to a perforated retina and the cataract in the other). Their friends are also within walking distance. It is a safe, lovely neighborhood with a park and a library nearby. I planned on living here until I died, in my bedroom overlooking the garden with my children on either side of me, and everything would be okay. All the heartache and pain and stress would be worth it if I could own this home and pass it on to my kids.

I don't get "political" very often, but this is pretty much the epitome of what Domythic Bliss is about...a mythic space by a fantastical author. And now that bliss is threatened. Please check out the blog and consider signing the petition.

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