Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole - Links Upon Links

Image from The Teleidoscope photography project.

I thought it might be fun to go "down the rabbit hole" of lovely blogs and Tumblrs tonight. I wanted to share with you a few of my own favorites. This list is by no means exhaustive...and I'm exhausted just posting them all. The world of beautiful images on the internet has just exploded...there are so many places to get lost and spend hours...Blogs, Tumblrs, Pinterest... But this is a list of a few of my favorites that I feel are, to one degree or another, related to Domythic life.

Hooked on Houses - A new one to me, though definitely not a new blog. I love how she manages to be so prolific and professional, and yet maintain the colloquial discussion style of a smaller blog.

Arquitura Pessoal - A wonderful Tumblr of enchanted domestic images.

Steampunk Home - It can veer a little more toward the techy mechanical side...not shocking with the title of the blog...but there are some fantastical things here too!

Interior Alchemy - Quite possibly my favorite interiors Tumblr.

Moon to Moon - Leaning more toward the bohemian side of interiors. And dreamy.

Conversations with the Muses - I'm sure you all have seen the stunning Faerie wedding photo shoot that keeps going around the internet and making us all sigh with its loveliness? Well, this is the blog of the lady who designed, coordinated, and created the visuals of that day. Keep a special eye out for the posts sharing pictures of her own cozy and beautifully fantastical home.

Folk and Fairy - Not just domestic images, but boy do I ever LOVE this blog. She doesn't post as often as she used to, but she makes her posts well worth waiting for. She finds the most utterly enchanting faerie and mythic items and images.

Maison Marrakech - Gorgeous decor and architectural images and links inspired by Moroccan style.

The Hanging Garden - Bryony's wonderful new Tumblr full of enchanted images, domestic and otherwise.

Nell Hills Blog - I've mentioned before that I find Nell Hills' decor style to be very conducive to Domythic interiors. Her stuff is elegant but not stuffy, and she often uses organic elements. This is her blog, and she usually updates once a week.

Midwest to Midlands - Oh oh oh this blog is sometimes too much for me to take...FULL of the glorious beauty of England from the perspective of a former American. The photos will take your breath away.

Might I add that simply linking these blogs...some of which I haven't had a chance to visit in a while...have made me take my own tumble down the hole as I clicked links from lovely images to other blogs and images....The internet is indeed a most enchanting place. Perhaps instead of a rabbit hole, I should call it a faerie ring, where once we start dancing, it's very very hard to stop...

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