Thursday, October 23, 2014


You may have already heard about it, but I want to make darn tootin' sure you do.  Hedgespoken is a new fundraiser campaign started by artist Rima Staines and her partner in life and creativity, Tom.  I first came to hear of Rima through her incredible, phenomenal, engrossing blog, The Hermitage.  When I first started reading her blog, she was a traveling artist living out of a converted Bedford truck, with paintings by herself and other mythic artists tacked to the walls, and views of romantic British countryside out her back door.  Her blog was (and is!) an incredible way to feel swept up in a romantic life that seems from another era.

Rima put down roots in Chagford, Devon.  (A town I really need to do a whole blog post on, and perhaps I shall)  She found a local community, a place to belong.  But she never stopped wanting to live a traveling life again.  And so Hedgespoken was born, a campaign to create a NEW housetruck, but this time with a proscenium stage built into its side to perform storytelling and puppetry, a whole mythic arts on wheels concept. 

And I adore it.

Although we've had a terrible year financially, I am trying to help Rima by spreading the word as far and wide as possible.  She has a sub-campaign to challenge people to try to raise funds through informing others of the Indiegogo page, and so I would ask that if you do decide to help fund their project, you please do so through

this link

Also enjoy the below fundraising video.  It well sums-up the project and the fantastical, Domythic feel of what they are trying to create!

Also, Rima just posted an incredible blog today all about what appeals to her in a traveling life.  It is truly a remarkable post, and is almost enough to convince this introverted home-addict to hit the road. 


  1. I would love to spend some time travelling in a caravan! I was reading about modern hippie people who travel in horse drawn caravans around Europe! It sounded amazing! I wish I could take six months or a year one day to do that!

  2. Reading Rima's stories about it is almost as amazing as going! I hope she blogs regularly this time too!

  3. Lovely post Grace. It's such a magical undertaking. I can't wait to see them perform.