Sunday, January 6, 2013

Castle Gaiman and "The Price"

Well, sometimes I could slap myself upside the back of the head when I find out about an exciting project well under way that I should, as an avid enthusiast of the Mythic Arts, already know about.  Therefore it may not be new news to many of you that Neil Gaiman's short story, "The Price," involving a brave black cat who battles the darkness to protect Gaiman and his family, is being turned into an animated film. 

The production blog, here, just shared the original teaser film that tells the whole short story in Gaiman's voice.  (direct link to watch the video is it soon, it's only up for a limited time!!)

Anyway, in another blog post, the director of the film, Christopher Salmon, talks about how he realized as he was shooting video footage of Gaiman and his house and life that another film was developing: a documentary about the magic with which Gaiman surrounds himself.  And so the idea was born for Castle Gaiman...a documentary that, from the teaser video, should be incredibly beautiful with wonderful production value.

See the blog post here.

I believe Neil Gaiman's home is featured in an older book called The Faces of Fantasy.  Since I have yet to get ahold of this book, I'm not sure if the inside of his charming home is featured, or just the single image of the outside on the front cover of the book.  But in either case, this new documentary will feature the very essence of Domythicity. 

I'm quite eager to see it!

In the mean time, some images from the above blog post and the accompanying video.

Castle Gaiman
A collection of figures sitting in a windowsill at Neil Gaiman's home

Stairwell at Castle Gaiman.  Yes, I see you, William Morris print wallpaper border ;)  And that figure on the landing intrigues me...a jester of some sort?


  1. The Faces of Fantasy is in UC Berkeley's collection, if you can't find it anywhere else (I work in interlibrary loans there).

    It's a neat book.

  2. There's a short story in Fragile Things that's told from the point of view of Harlequin.. I wonder if the figure is related!
    This should be pretty interesting- I admit I've been wondering about his home since I've been reading him and pondering domiciles at the same time quite a bit lately!

  3. I am eager to see this documentary as well as the animated film!! Elzebrook, thank you! I'll ILL it even if we don't have it locally :)

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  5. Oh my goodness! I feel the same as you, I too had no idea and should have known. Mrs Black is VERY excited about this! Thank you so much for sharing this information. Minerva x

  6. I finally made the haunted mirror that you posted instructions for in your post last September. If you want to take a look at what I did, here's a link:

    It turned out fantastic! Thanks for giving me the idea.

  7. Damien, thanks for the offer. For the time being I plan to leave Domythic Bliss ad-free, however there is a possibility of enlarging the scope of the blog into its own website in the near future, and I hope you might be interested in collaborating then.

    Minerva, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know!!

    Grace, oh my that turned out SO lovely. Now I want to try one with a landscape like yours! :) Also, I hear you on the challenge of taking a picture of it. It isn't easy, huh?

    1. I'm glad you like it. Yes, it's terribly hard taking a picture of it. It helps to hold up a large sheet of black paper in front of it to cut down on the reflection.

  8. I had to do something similar, only I used a dark wall hanging on the wall opposite :)