Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Eerie and the Faerie

Well, October is just flying by, isn't it?  We're closely approaching the holiday of Samhain, All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween.  And I thought it would be fun to explore the places where the Eerie and the Faerie intermingle.

We'll start with the unsettling...Faerie specimens.  The first ones are by Dan Baines, the artist behind the Derbyshire Fairy Hoax.

These are by artist Jacob Petersson.

More whimsical is this Halloween Faerie cross-stitch design by Nora Corbett.

And this antique Faerie-themed Halloween greeting.

Of course Voysey is one of the two godfathers of Domythic wallpaper design (along with William Morris of course).  His Bat and Poppy design is just exquisite, and the perfect blend of the charming with the mysterious...

I also love this Halloween Fairy paper doll from Etsy.

And this haunted faerie garden.

 Finally there's my new obsession: the utterly adorable and yet very Unseelie-looking dolls of artist Amanda Louise Spayd.  Amanda is from my home state, but her art first came to my attention from my dear British friend Bryony Whistlecraft, who has one of Amanda's pieces in her home.  I was immediately taken by these strange little creatures with their enormous eyes and distractingly real-looking resin teeth contrasting with their pastel and ruffly ensembles.  They remind me of a cross between the imagination of Guillermo del Toro and Mary Cicely Barker.  Love them!!  Must own one someday.

Amanda's work has most recently been abuzz on the internet because of the outstanding and very enchanting short film, The Maker, for which she provided the puppet main character.

So do enjoy your Halloween.  And remember...there is plenty of Unseelie in Faerie. 


  1. Thank you for introducing the wonderful film. what a delight.

  2. Isn't it thought-provoking and lovely?

  3. Do you or the creatures sell these adorale rabbits?

  4. Hi Paige, those are the work of Amanda
    Spayd. There's a link to her website in the blog. :)