Saturday, August 18, 2012

Murals Fantastical and Nouveau

So, wow.  Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I've made a new acquaintance by the name of Anna-Mari Kaipainen.  She's a wonderful artist, and browsing through her photos, I came across an album that simultaneously blew my mind and was immediately inspiring.  Talk about your Domythic interior embellishments!

Anna-Mari has a section of her website with more beautiful mural work.


  1. What beautiful wondrous work she does! I love these murals. They would be so inspiring to live with. Thank you so much for shring this artists work with us! Minerva x

  2. I'm so glad you posted the closeups! Because I thought it was octopuses and spiders! lol! Absolutely beautiful work!

  3. These are lovely! They are reminiscent of a Mucha. I completely adore your header and the layout of your blog- so ephemeral.

  4. I LOVE those murals! Wonderful find, and a talented new acquaintance you have, there. :)

  5. Thank you Minerva Erin and Melissa! Leigh, how funny! :D

    Erin, thank you! The header was photographed by me, the layout is from the awesome Cute 'n' Cool: