Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Glow of Magic

Outdoor solar lighting has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.  Recently I was looking for garden statuary for my garden, and I came across a neat garden statue of a boy with a flashlight looking at a frog.  The flashlight was solar and lit up at night.  I thought 'what a great idea to use solar power in statuary.'

That's only the beginning.

A pair of solar faeries on Amazon.

A solar slumbering faerie statue on Amazon.
Solar faerie dreamer on Amazon.

A lovely idea.  So while we're at it, why don't we replace our driveway gravel with glow in the dark stones?  


A few years ago, I believe it was Briony who drew my attention to these incredible glow orbs known as Fairy Berries.  At the time, they were cost prohibitive, but now when I looked them up for this blog post, I discovered ThinkGeek now sells them for $20 for a pack of ten. now tempted.

Video is the only way to really capture the magic of this product:

Scatter them around your lawn, in a tree's branches, in a flower bed....Imagine the possibilities! 


  1. The gravel! The fairy berries!

  2. The solar light and glowy stuff all used to be so darned cheesy! I'm so glad it's coming around. I may have to pick up some of those fairyberries....
    (My friend Mike linked me that driveway some time back and we actually discussed the logistics. SO EXPENSIVE!)

  3. This is really special! I need them for our garden ....