Sunday, April 1, 2012

Neo-Domythic MODERN

After a lot of thought and soul-searching, I've made a decision to take this blog in a new direction. My enthusiasm and gusto just seems to be pushing me a new way.

And so I want to introduce to you...Neo-Domythic Modern:

Imagine lounging in a pod capsule.

Try to avoid all use of color entirely.

Choose furniture designed to look like it could toss you off at any moment.

Move beyond simply living like you're on the starship Enterprise, and imagine you live aboard the Enterprise after it has been destroyed and reassembled.

Bad things:

-Hard woods

Good things:

-Black and White
-Mid-century Modern

Here's a great example.

Before Neo-Domythic Modernism:

After we apply the principles of Neo-Domythic Modernism:

So what do you guys say? Are we all on board?