Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Green Man: A Final Verdant Post

Well, last but not least, today I have the great pleasure of rounding out our series of Green Man posts by sharing the amazingly stunning dining room of Bryony, also known as Roam Gloam in the internet world. I first met Bryony at the first Faeriecon in 2007, though we didn't put two and two together and realize that we were chatting online and had already met until later. I saw a woman walking by the booth I was manning with my friend Tess (Midnight Muse) and kept admiring a woman dressed in an autumnal orange etched velvet gown, with filigreed leaf accessories and a leafy mask. I took her photo, effusively praised her ensemble, and a few months later we became friends on Live Journal. Bryony is an amazing woman, strong and creative, and a true shining light in the world of mythic arts supporters!

Bryony's entire dining room is inspired by autumn, Green Men, and the magic of the forest.'s just plain amazing. Example A and B, these images of the room set for a Thanksgiving meal:

I absolutely love how she spaced her Green Men masks between each window in the room.

By Larry Wood:

By Shane Odom:

By Shane Odom:

A view from one room into another. I also love the idea of the shelf of books above the doorway. It really makes the books seem like *art* rather than just function. Just below the shelf of books, you can barely make out a small plaque...see the next picture:

"Green man plaque above door entering into the dining room. No clue where, but likely from ebay/England. I painted the acorns with shiny bronze colored nail polish to make them stand out. (I confess: I nailpolish EVERYTHING. You can find more colors in nail polish than in paint, especially of the shiney/sparkly/glittery variety.)"

I love this tip, and now must figure out things to paint with nail polish.....

"Not a greenman, but I love my squirrel "candy dish" statue (holding acorns) wearing a tiny child's size mask with a squirrel on it. Fun."

I definitely think this is in the spirit of the forest-fey, mischievous and fun. Love it!!!

Bryony suspects the Green Man box below was likely also an ebay purchase.

The Green Man in this image is actually the wall switch for the room, with an acorn for the switch. This was Bryony's own (super creative) idea. It pushes in to go on, and she can turn it to make it brighter or dimmer.

By Art of the Mask on Etsy, this is a female Green Man mask:

Shane's Winter Holly mask, one of Bryony's newest in her collection:

Shane's mask on the left, The Art of the Mask's mask on the right.

This Green Man was purchased on Ebay from England. "That's a fake fireplace (no flue), but I put candles inside in the shape of mushrooms and birch logs, tossed in pine cones around their feet. Gives a nice glow at dinnertime."

"AND I just happened to find a metal oak leaf mirror that's the same green shade as the color we painted the faux fireplace! So they look like one unit. Lots of candles on top, and in the middle, Father Yule. Love his face."

Make sure you enlarge the picture to check out the details, like the lovely leafy wire mask on the top of the mirror. "On the top of the mirror, at the left and the right, are two "Flame Maple" male/female masks by Art of the Mask."

What an enormous inspiration!!


  1. What a gorgeous collection! And the room, just lovely... those windows are amazing!

  2. Isn't it grand? I especially love the evening shots!