Monday, March 9, 2015

Mythic March Monday Makings - Week 1 (Sort Of?)

Last week was the first week of Mythic March, but I felt pretty silly doing a Monday Makings update last Monday when the calendar date was only March 2nd.  So this is the first Monday Makings.

How have I been doing with Mythic March?  Weeeeelll truth be told, not so well.  We had a pretty big house emergency come up last Tuesday, right around the time I had hoped to start on a project, and it took all of our focus away from anything creative or non-urgent.  Basically, it's like they say in this blog post, about falling in love with your home again despite its imperfections:

"But alas, owning an old house isn’t always as romantic as it sounds. Trust me on that. With character and age come many expected and unexpected updates and repairs. You dream of decorating and furnishing that lovely old home, but in reality your money might go to exciting things like new sewer pipes, roofs, and electrical panels." 

The blog article includes this little image, which made me giggle out loud when I saw it. 

It's true...roof repairs might not look pretty on Pinterest, but sometimes you have to have priorities!

It appears that my situation might be in hand now, so I can hopefully start working on some projects.  I have a couple of commissioned drawings to do for friends, and I'm hoping before the end of the month that I might also have time to resume work on an artwork I started years ago, before I had even started on the Twelve Dancing Princesses dining room, actually.  I set it aside to work on the dining room, and never got around to it.  I hope to complete that unfinished project, or at least start working toward that end, in March.

So what has everyone else been doing for Mythic March so far? 

My friend Brittany Warman started out Mythic March by making some gorgeous jewelry pieces.  I love how full of mystery and symbolism these pieces are!

Stephanie PiƱa of Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood blog fame wrote a marvelous post on the persistence of myth, and another on the use of armor in Ned Burne-Jones' paintings, both posts inspired by Mythic March. 

So what about you?  I'd love to see what you're working on.  Hopefully you've made a better start of it than I have!


  1. Thank you again Grace for featuring my jewelry! :).

  2. Lovely jewellery! So sorry to read about your house problems Grace. I adore old houses and am happy to live in our cottage but I agree, they certainly have a few surprises up their sleeves for us owners from time to time. March is still mighty cold here in England but I am spending it Spring cleaning and bustling about with antique linens and velvets to make some floor cushions for my studio so that the cats can have a snooze while I work. .

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