Monday, June 30, 2014

Twelve Dancing Princesses Dining Room Mural -- DONE

The Twelve Dancing Princesses walking in trance-like procession across all four walls of my dining room...are completed!!!  And they have been for a few months now.  But I kept hoping to get better pictures of them than the ones below...professional pictures, though I don't know how to take the best shots.  But I figured if I wait that long, everyone might have forgotten about the project before I do my "grand unveiling." 

So instead, here it is!!  Bada daaa dummmmm!!!!

I am still having an internal argument about whether or not to add a gothic arch acorn border stencil I found online below the chair line in gold and burgundy.  I vacillate almost daily over whether I should or not.  But otherwise, the room is done!

Perhaps showing the room best of all, here's a 7 minute video tour of the room from all angles and with all the princesses featured.  Video best seen expanded to full page.

And finally, once again best seen viewed in large size, here are all twelve of the princesses!


  1. What an amazing mural! I love your long red hair! I am wishing for long hair again but I don't miss the tangles and boiling hot head in Australian summer!

  2. A stunning transformation

  3. Thank you Laura and Sacred! Laura, I hear's midsummer right now here, and I"m wearing it up an awful-lot!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! You ever feel the need to do a wall in Pennsylvania, I have some! :)

  5. Faerie Magazine just posted a link to this on their Facebook page. I am in love with your dining room. Just magical. Beautiful blog, too.

  6. GORGEOUS!.....and I vote YES to adding the acorn border!

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