Saturday, January 21, 2012

Carisa's Castle!

It's time to share the first inspirational example home! Domythic Dame, Carisa Weinfurter, sent along these pictures of her abode, and I just had to share!

"The curio in the far left of the first pic is full of some of our geeky toys we've collected. They're very hard to dust so I like to keep them contained and I am constantly at war with myself over having too much clutter but also liking far too many things. We found it on super clearance at a furniture store."

Carisa, I love the design on the bookshelf next to the corner curio!!

"Below, you can see my grandmother's old sewing machine in the middle there. We almost got rid of it at one point and it just wasn't working in the new house but I've recently moved it to this spot and now I really like it and want to keep it. You can see a little of the red light coming out of the dining room. The previous owner left us canvas curtains and I tie-dyed them red to better suit our decor. Hooray for free things!"

"This is our new coffee table. We lusted after this table for months and it finally went on sale just a couple weeks ago and so we splurged. It is over a hundred years old and is part of some old carts from a factory in the area before pallets and pallet jacks were invented. I love the rustic wood and iron wheels. But we do have to be careful as it gave my husband a wicked splinter. It's also a bit hard to dust since the surface is so rough."

"You can see an embroidered pillow that a friend of mine made. She embroidered a green man by Charles Vess! It's the tiny pillow on the top of the chair. It's a good reading spot under the Priestess at Delphi."

Just look at that awesome Charles Vess Green Man! Oh my gosh. Wish your friend had an Etsy!

"Here is what we call our "Steampunk Alcove." It's a weird spot at the bottom of the stairs. The pictures on the far right and far left are of my dad when he was very young and a pilot in world war II. The big cloche on the far left has a deer jaw I found in the woods many years ago and boiled clean. It grosses out my husband a bit but I like it. The round medallion in the center is a plaster zodiac wheel that I painted in copper spray paint and then hand antiqued by mixing up a dirty green sort of tarnished penny shade that I slathered on and then wiped off so now the whole piece looks like a big old penny."

"And here's what's currently in my apothecary jars; lots of wine corks in the first two and rocks from the shores of Lake Michigan in the third. I change out what is in these seasonally and it really sparks up the house. Like for the holidays I filled them with pine cones and tiny, colored balls; in spring they get moss, paper mushrooms and dyed eggs, etc."

Thank you for sharing, Carisa!!!


  1. What a neat place! I would love to know about the art nouveau print on your wall. Not The Oracle at Delphi, I know that one, by Godwin, isn't it? Hope I got his name right. The other one, looks like a woodblock print? Artist and title please?

  2. bdswagger, I sent Carisa an email asking her to reply here. Hope you get an answer soon! :)

  3. Hi there! Priestess of Delphi is by John Collier. :) The other piece is a poster from musician, Amanda Palmer from her 2009 Who Killed Amanda Palmer tour with the Danger Ensemble. They were printed by Malleus Rock Art Lab in a limited run but there are still quite a few floating around on the net through ebay and poster shops. Malleus does lovely silkscreen printed posters on heavy paper almost like card stock and they have a lot of beautiful designs. Thanks for asking! :)

  4. Yes Collier, thankyou. Its my favorite of his work. Mostly he did domestic genre paintings, or at least, thats mostly what I can find. This was a big change for him. I think it is hanging in a major museum in Australia?

    And thanks for the info on the other piece! Maybe I can find a print I can afford! Its a beautiful piece, from what I can see.